Why Should I Update My Website?

Posted 5 years ago by Danial Van Holten

A lot of small businesses treat their company website as basic information delivery platform, they use the website to give visitors basic information about their company. This normally includes some information about the company, services and products and some form of contact information. This information is rarely updated, website traffic is not monitored, and the small business owner thinks I have a website I can tick that off my list.

Here at Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA we call it the Set and Forget Mentality of website management.

The Problem with Set and Forget Mentality

The issue with this mentality to website management is that website content can quickly become out-of-date; customers have the wrong or irrelevant information; and technology changes makes your site no longer relevant or even worse, does not work.

Website content that quickly becomes old can generally:

Staff Turn Over: When a staff members leave or a new member joins the team, it is always good to keep your website current so potential clients are informed

Products and Services change: When you add or remove a product or service from your business model.

Price Change: When pricing costs, or expenses change. Keeping your pricing current helps your customers know what to expect.

Contact details and address: Nothing is worse for a customer than calling a number on a website and it is no longer the correct number for the business.

Blog not updated: An updated blog show website visitors that the website is still active, and that the company is still in business. If a website visitor looks at your website and the last blog is over 6 months old the impression it leaves them is that you are:

a) out of business and your website is still active
b) you don’t care

Technology Changes: Technology moves are a fast space, in the last couple of years we have had a large push with mobile friendly web site design, even to the point that the search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc put emphasis on mobile friendliness in there rankings.

Why does it happen?

There are three main reasons websites content becomes out-of-date.


Owners don’t want to pay to keep the company website current and up-to-date.


Owners don’t see the importance of keeping this information up-to-date.


Some owners just hire a web design company to setup there website, once it is setup they don’t have the skills or time to manage the site themselves.

The Two Year Plan

At Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA we recommend that a website should be reviewed and updated every two years, this includes both major and minor changes. At this time it is a great time to look at any re-branding, renaming, or re-badging of your entire companies marketing portfolio.

With the Two Year Plan it is a great time to update all your content make sure everything on you website is up-to-date and current. It is also a good time to make sure your website is security is updated, it works on mobile platforms, and supports other new technologies.

Once all this is done it is the perfect time to reach out to all your existing and previous customers and invite them back to the look at you nice new shiny site.

But why invite my customers back?

Most small business have a multitude of products and/or services that they offer, but clients get to associating the business with the last product and/or service they used us for. If we are not in contact with them continually, they may only remember the business for that service.

Reaching out to them with a new completely updated website is a great way to make your business relevant again, remind them who you are, as well expose them to other services you may offer. The old saying of money is in your list has never been truer. Remember your small business may have added a new product and/or services since you last reached out client. If you don’t let them know they may be doing business with your competitor.

The Real Cost

Comparing the cost of a website re-branding and updates versus other short term marketing programs like  flyers, magazine ads (cost upwards of $4000 per issue), mail outs (cost between $1-$2 per letter), and even billboards, it is definitely worth taking the update the your website, and reach out to the customers who already know and trust your business.

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