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Posted 5 years ago by Danial Van Holten

When preparing any business strategy or marketing campaign the first this we want to do is scope out the project. What a lot of small business owners forget to do is have a in-depth study of their target audience. You will often hear people say "My customer is everyone", but with years of experience in marketing we have learned that almost never the case. Although your product or service may be beneficial to a wide variety of customers, you may need different strategies for different target audiences.

Analysis of Project

When you are in the planning phase of any project make sure you take into account who your target demographics of your customer base. You should pay particular attention to


After completing this analysis you should have a good idea of you target demographics. You should be able to answer, me ideal client is Males between 40 - 50, or Females executives, that earn over $100,000 a year. Sometimes you may have a wider demographics, Females between 18 and 45.

But why is this so important?

This becomes particularly important as each identified demographic may require a different marketing approach. A great example of this is when mass email marketing to a dedicated list of IT professionals the reply, click through and viewing rate of these emails is very high, however when the same email is targeted to a group of medical professionals these number drop down very low.

Why the drop off?

What we know about these two distinct demographic groups is that the IT professionals generally are with the computers, or some access to there email most of the time, when something catches there eye, they have the skills and technology on hand to quickly review, read, and acknowledge the marketing item being targeted to them. Medical professionals on the other hand are not as closely tied to their technology, they may be working or operating, they may be in a consultation with a patient, so they get a backlog of emails, which then gets bypassed for more important emails when they get to reading their email.

The larger the scale of the project you are working on the more time and planning you should put into identifying your core demographic groups. You never want to waste good money on the wrong marketing plan and strategy.


The goal of every marketing project is to turn potential clients into happy new customers. Happy customers means a boost you your bottom line. Here at Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA we can help you identify, you audience and help you with solutions to target these

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