Content Management Systems aren't all created equal

Posted 5 years ago by Danial Van Holten

Content Management Systems (CMS) have made website management a lot easier for end users. For Fulshear Web Design it allows us to create an environment that allows our customers to make content updates to there website whenever and as often as they want. What this means for our customers they don't need to wait for or pay for content changes to happen.

When picking the CMS product that Fulshear Web Design wanted to work in we looked through a variety of different platforms, to make sure we found one that meet certain requirements.

Our Requirements

The platform was extremely secure, it had to have a robust security platform and minimize the opportunity for hacking, and other website exploits.

Server Platform
Server platform and compatibility is important, the platform we picked needed to be able to run an a variety of different scenarios, and on different website hosts.

Programming Languages
What programming languages does the platform use.

Budget is also important, we needed to make sure we are providing a good solution for our clients, and not hitting them with costs.

Future Development
Is the platform being updated, and continually being improved by its developers.

The Big Players

So after compiling the list of requirements  Fulshear Web Design then looked at the big common CMS products below:

The Winner Was : Silverstripe!

Going through our list requirements and what is important to Fulshear Web Design led us to pick Silverstripe. 

Why choose Silverstripe?
The things that lead us to Silverstripe are flexibility, security, programming and development environments.

Website Security was always at the top of our list, so when seeing the Silverstripe has natively used to manage online sites and products, that include a national bank, US democratic national convention, New Zealand lotteries and even a public transport company, we realized that it definitely provided the level of security we required.

Programming Languages was important as with technology there are a wide variety of languages, at Fulshear Web Design we wanted to make sure the new environment was something we had experience in and could easily support. It also needed to be common enough for future developers to work in.

Server Platform was important. At Fulshear Web Design we diverse customer base we wanted to make sure we had a solution that could handle big corporate companies as well as a platform that could easily be used for a small company. Silverstripe's ability to run on PHP and connect to MySQL databases made it platform.

With the ability of PHP to run on both Linux based servers, as well as IIS/Windows based servers gives us extra platform flexibility. Silverstripe has also been known to run on Amazon Web Services, and the GoDaddy hosting platform with a few tweaks. What was also import is that Silverstripe will run on Fulshear Web Designs Hosting services.

Cost for silverstripe is free as it is an open source product, this means there is no current installation or ongoing monthly costs for our clients.

Customers interface was important, the system had to be quick and user friendly. What we found in Silverstripe is that managing the website in the back end is extremely easy and fluid. Adding a new page is as easy as clicking pages and Add New Page (as shown below). Moving a page just required you to drag and drop it in the site tree.

fulshear web design silverstripe interface

fulshear web design silverstripe page management

What was discovered in some other CMS products, is adding these items, pages, navigation to be slow, disjointed and difficult. One CMS product we needed to create the menu item separately, then create a page of content in another part of the system, and then link them together.

What Makes Fulshear Web Design Different?

So all this makes Fulshear Web Design different as we build the websites our clients want, we work with them to make sure the site reflects the image whether it be corporate or personal. At Fulshear Web Design we don't buy unsecured plugins, we don't buy cheap website templatesand sell them to at a premium. Fulshear Web Design also does not outsource our development out of the area, when working with other professionals they are all local professionals, that you can meet with at any time.

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