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Posted 5 years ago by Danial Van Holten

The Kiwi Importer has been a great supporter of Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA. Sarah Ayala started importing high quality products from New Zealand to sell to the US market. As her business grew Sarah knew that she needed a website that reflected her personality, as well as a lot of custom touches that an out of the box shopping cart solution could not provide.

At the first meeting with The Kiwi Importer we identified that Sarah already knew her market, and had a distinct idea of her brand, colors, and what she needed in a website. We discussed what would be different from a standard shopping cart, what she liked about some other online stores, and what she definitely did not want. From here we were able so start on an action plan.

The Action Plan

Our original action planned went as followed:

Step 1.

Pick a development platform. Here at Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA we work in a few different environments. But one of our favorites is SilverStripe. SilverStripe offers developer level customization, while being extremely robust, and having a high level of security, and with all our custom coding we don't have rely on third party plugins. It also provides an easy to use interface for our clients to manager their site.

Step 2.

Find an online payment gateway that provided the functionality we needed, and also offered great merchant rates.

When looking for online payment gateway we knew that with the volume of sales, plus the ability to take payments onsite via mobile devices a PayPal or Square solution would not be beneficial to The Kiwi Importer. Fortunately we called our contact at Pay Junction and they were able to help us solve both problems, with a great product that we could interface to.

Step 3.

Find a reliable high performing website hosting solution, that provides fast performing servers, good reliability, and offers SSL security as part of the package. For this we choose a Site Ground hosting plan. We went with this hosting package as we knew The Kiwi Importer traffic would continue to grow, and we wanted to be able to handle the increase.

Step 4.

Designing the layout. We found out that Sarah had done a lot of research and knew exactly what she wanted when it come to design. This allowed us to sketch out the first concept layout and then talk what colors, and imagery she wanted.

Step 5.

Next we started looking at all the business rules and functionality that was required for the site. With the variety of products that The Kiwi Importer has available we had to work out exactly all the business rules for these. As a company that ships to all 50 US states, we had to take into account, both sales tax, for items, plus shipping rates for different and heavier items. We also had tax exempt products.


The Coding

After all the planning was done, then we had to get down to coding the site. In this time we worked with The Kiwi Importer, testing, updating and changing the coding until we were ready to roll out and test the live website. Below is just a snippet of what Fulshear Web Design looked at each day while working on the project.

fulshear web design kiwi importer website coding


The Website Launch

Once all the testing was completed and everything configured just the way Sarah needed we pushed the launch button and The Kiwi Importer had a custom online shopping cart that provided both Sarah and her customers comfort knowing that their information was secure. Sarah also had a secure access to the site so that she could add, remove and update items, write blogs, and edit general information that was displayed on the site without having to continually contact Fulshear Web Design.

fulshear web design kiwi importer website design

Post Launch

Since launching The Kiwi Importer website we have been monitoring its growth, and each month it grows a little more. So far this February the website has had over 2000 visitors, some for the first time, and some coming back again for more valuable information or to purchase more of their amazing products.

Now that you know more about the Kiwi Importer you should go and look at her site.

Check Out The Kiwi Importer


What did Sarah say about Fulshear Web Design?

Why you choose Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA?

I had some very specific ideas and needs for my website and I felt that some companies were too restrictive and cookie cutter about the development and review processes. From those companies I felt that I was getting an over promise without them really understanding what I wanted and I was worried that the outcome was going to be a stock-standard, look-like-everyone-else’s kind of job.

With Convene IT USA, however, I felt like his main objective was to truly give me the website I wanted.

What helped Convene IT USA standout?

Honesty. Proximity. Coding from scratch.

How has your business changed since working with Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA?

I knew I needed an online platform and now, in less than a year, my website has grown phenomenally and I’m getting lots of daily orders and great customer engagement.

What was the best part of working with Fulshear Web Design / Convene IT USA?

The post - launch tweaking to get it just right.

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